Timeline of News Stories:

2023-08-03: Feminist Swedish MP Undergoes Female Circumcision To Foster Understanding

2023-09-15: Southern Poverty Law Center Adds Raif Badawi to Anti-Muslim Extremist List

2025-01-13: We Need More Jewish Settlers In Palestine

2026-02-21: Antifa-led US Government Begins Roundup of “Nazis”

2028-11-07: Tulsi Gabbard To Become The 47th US President

2031-04-16: Puerto Rico Becomes 51st State; 5 More States Expected To Follow Shortly

2032-12-15: Sony Showcases Revolutionary Sensor

2033-05-27: The F-4 Phantom II Celebrates 75 Years In The Sky

2051-04-09: Belgium Rescinds Same-Sex Marriage Rights

2062-07-08: Sweden Joins List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

2095-08-20: Monstrous Fire Engulfs The Adirondack Mountains

2117-07-11: Global Population Tops 15 Billion