FutureNews.Today is your source for entertaining and engaging news stories from the future.  Why wait for events to happen when you can read about future events now.  This is a type of “news satire”, but my aim is to give you something that is thought-provoking, instead of just some mindless fun.  Unlike most popular ideas about what news headlines may be in the future (“Astronauts Land on Mars!”), this website takes a more realistic (and sometimes a sardonic and pessimistic) take on matters…most of the time.  Deep down, we know that if people ever did land on Mars, it would be a headline for only a few days.  By the following week, we would be back to terrorist attacks and the messy divorces of celebrities.  FutureNews.Today will not focus on space colonies and aliens.  It will be more “down-to-earth”.  (It has been well over four decades since the last time we visited the moon.  Don’t get your hopes up about space travel anytime soon.)  However, this is not to say that we can’t have fun along the way!

The “Timeline” tab at the top opens a page in which you can check out the timeline of events, along with their associated articles.  I would like to build this timeline up and perhaps create future timelines at some point as well.  Please visit my Patreon page to help me continue putting out content and give any feedback you might have.  If I get enough patrons, I will be able to continue making monthly editions, along with YouTube videos for each article.

Below are some possible questions along with my answers:

Q: How many people are behind this site?

A: So far, this is a one-man show.  Thus, for this to continue, I will need all the help I can get.

Q: Who are you?

A: My internet name is Odracirys. 🙂

Q: Are you really receiving psychic readings from the future?

A: This is fake news.  VERY fake news.  With that said, this website might sometimes tell you some deeper truths that other media sources are not telling you.

Q: How often do you put out articles?

A: I am planning to put out a new edition (of 12 articles each) once per month.  If I hit a certain target on Patreon, I will be able to continue doing this for every month until the end of 2017, and if I hit a higher target, I will be able to continue doing this indefinitely.  If I hit even higher targets, I will increase the number of articles per edition.  If you want an update when a new edition comes out, again, Patreon is the best way.

Q: What are your political leanings?

A: My opinions are not tied to any group.  I have many traditionally “liberal” opinions, along with some traditionally “conservative” ones.  More than anything, I appreciate civility and the ability to discuss things without screaming insults all the time.  However, like others, I have found that those popularly known as the “regressive left” and “SJWs” have become a danger to free speech and exhibit many hypocritical traits that they accuse others of.  Thus, you can say that I stand against those who would form riots against free speech.  I also stand against those who would stay silent when one of four co-chairs of the 2017 Women’s march is a Sharia supporter and an invited female guest speaker at the event is a rapist, torturer, and murderer.  I have a crazy belief that liberals should be against Sharia Law.  I invite those from all political standpoints to be my readers.  To those wondering why, for example, many Europeans of the “future” in my articles are conservative Muslims, don’t blame me.  Blame ongoing demographic trends.  Similarly, if you are skydiving without a parachute, it doesn’t take a psychic to guess that at some point in the near future, you will become a smudge on the ground.

Q: How do I comment?

A: Each news story has a “Disqus” comment section.  Disqus is used on many sites and I felt this would be the easiest method for people.  You can also go to my YouTube page and comment on my specific videos.  If you want to give suggestions, please go to my Patreon page.

Q: How can I support you?

A: The link right above is a great way, and you can receive some rewards as well.  To learn more, please visit my “Support This Site” page.  Thanks!