We Need More Jewish Settlers In Palestine

Jericho, Palestinian Territories – January 13, 2025.  Opinion piece by Nasim Hadawi:

I am an Arab from the Palestinian Territories, and I think that we need more Jewish settlers in Palestine.  There have been many in Palestine and around the world who have been against Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.  However, I am of the opinion that far too few Jews and non-Arabs are settling in these areas.  In fact, I fully support Jewish immigration into the Gaza Strip as well.  It was unfair of the Israeli government to remove Jewish settlers from their homes in Gaza all those years ago.  I think that both a two state solution (if desired) is completely achievable, no matter the demographic makeup of Israel and Palestine.

I came to this conclusion by looking at the Western countries.  Their democratically-elected leaders keep saying that diversity is their strength.  Why can’t Palestine be strong like them?  We need lots more diversity and we want it now!  Bring in as many non-Arab, non-Muslim foreigners as possible, so we can be enriched like other, stronger countries.  Some have asked what would happen if we somehow saw rampant immigration from Israel and other non-Islamic countries, and they also started breeding faster than the native Arab Muslim population.  Although we are not anywhere close to that happening, I feel that it would be a good thing if it were to happen.  I have heard from Western sources that it is racist and bigoted to want your culture to remain in the majority, and we should welcome change with open arms, no matter what kind of change that is.  After all, diversity is our strength.  So if Muslim Arabs become a minority in the Palestinian Territories, that will be all for the best.  And once Palestine becomes a fully recognized state, it will already be a diverse country, so we will start off on the right foot.

I want all Muslim Arab Palestinians to know that we need to strengthen our country, and that means replacing our culture forever.

Photo: “Israel – Palestine Peace”, by Wickey-nl

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