The F-4 Phantom II Celebrates 75 Years In The Sky

Tanagra, Greece – May 27, 2033:

This Friday, Aircraft enthusiasts around the world gathered to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the F-4 Phantom II military jet.  The first flight of the supersonic jet was on this date in 1958, with production taking place in the United States from then until 1981, with over 5,000 of the aircraft eventually being constructed.  Interestingly, F-4 Phantom II jets – with their classic design – have been in service for the majority of the history of flight, with the earliest variant being produced less than 55 years after the first Wright Brothers’ flight.  Greece currently has the largest fleet in the world, with 32 of them still in service.  Onlookers from over 40 countries gathered to witness festivities at the Athens airshow, with F-4s among others taking part in formation flying and acrobatics.  During the show, envoys from Singapore announced that a major air show to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the sleek F-5 (Freedom Fighter / Tiger II) would be taking place in the Southeast Asian nation next year.  Although the F-4 is 75 years old, it is still active in the air forces of six nations, including Japan, South Korea, and Iran.

Photo: “F-4 Over Holloman AFB”, by USAF

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