Sweden Joins List of State Sponsors of Terrorism

Washington, DC – July 8, 2062:

Today, Sweden gained the dubious distinction of becoming the first European state to be deemed a state sponsor of terrorism.  This designation is used by The United States Department of State specifically, but has worldwide implications.  In fact, a number of countries, including Russia, China, Poland, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates joined the United States with such designations of their own.  In addition, a group of more than 30 countries has also expressed a willingness to harshen sanctions that have already been in place since the 2058 coup d’etat against the previous Swedish president, Anwar Malik.

United States President Alejandro Rodriguez spoke out about the decision, which he said was based on Sweden’s “disdain for the norms of civil conduct between nations and peoples”.  Self-proclaimed “President For Life” of Sweden, Muhammad al-Malmoi, dismissed the listing and the possibility of future sanctions, saying, “We will crush all infidel nations and their armies!  You will never undo what Allah has rightly ordained!”

The United States has also sought to lower the number of Swedish refugees allowed to enter the country.  President Rodriguez originally attempted to prioritize non-Islamic Swedish refugees, but saw a backlash from the left, with many liberals decrying the “injustice” of religious discrimination towards migrants.  Because of difficulties in vetting, and an unwillingness to open the doors to more potential Swedish terrorists (such as the “Pier 39 Bomber”), President Rodriguez and his center-right backers approved a bill to severely limit the number of Swedish refugees in total.

This is the latest in a series of problems between Sweden and the global community, and the final straws seem to have been the bloody government takeover of the Catalonian embassy in Stockholm that killed seventeen and the subsequent ballistic missile test that was intercepted but had a trajectory guiding it towards the waters surrounding Mallorca.

We will crush all infidel nations and their armies!  You will never undo what Allah has rightly ordained! – Swedish President Muhammad al-Malmoi

Many in Europe fear another war brewing, and are not sure about what to do, but more people have come to the conclusion that further appeasement will not improve the situation.  Thus, various European nations are attempting to bolster their militaries, despite massive budgetary shortfalls.  While Eastern Europe is largely of the same mindset, opinions are more mixed in Western Europe.  Until recently, the French President Fayçal Bouhouche was wavering on his stance with regards to Sweden.  France had been a major trading partner with the Scandinavian nation until the aforementioned missile test.  Since then, President Bouhouche seems to have gotten on board with the idea of sanctions.

With Sweden now on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, the total has become nine, with the others being Gaza, Mauritania, Nation of God (Hejaz), Niger, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, and Darul Haqiqa.

Photo: “Stockholm Before Catalonian Embassy Attack”, by Bo yaser

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