Feminist Swedish MP Undergoes Female Circumcision To Foster Understanding

Stockholm, Sweden – August 3, 2023

Swedish member of parliament Ronja Andersson, a self-declared “radical intersectional feminist” recently had a surgical operation performed to circumcise her clitoris.  She had this done “to foster understanding”.  Ronja Andersson is the first European MP to go ahead with the procedure, although others in Sweden and around Europe have also expressed interest.

I sincerely hope that this symbolic gesture will help our new Swede friends know that the old Swedes respect your customs.

– Ronja Andersson, Swedish MP

Swedes have been a tolerant people for a long time, and in recent years, Sweden has led the world in tolerance.  For example, Ann Linde (another feminist) and other MPs respectfully wore headscarves when visiting Iran back in 2017.  Also in 2017, a public service announcement ran in Sweden that stated that “It’s not only the new Swedes that have to integrate, but the old Swedes have to integrate as well“.  The Swedish people took this to heart, none more than MP Ronja Andersson.

Some have criticized Ms. Andersson for various reasons.  Firstly, some have called this “cultural appropriation” and believe that the proud heritage of female genital mutilation (FGM) should not be selfishly copied by Europeans.  One criticism by those who believe this is more of a positive “cultural infusion” more than a “cultural appropriation” is that Ms. Andersson only had a “Type IV” procedure done, which is by far the least invasive, and which only inflicts a ceremonial cut instead of a complete removal of the clitoris and labia, sometimes along with the stitching up of most of the vagina so sex is excruciatingly painful.  On the other hand, some (most likely racist) right-wingers have called the procedure in all of its forms “barbaric”, and have attempted to make it illegal like it once was.  To this, Ms. Andersson said to outlaw cultural practices that they deem inferior is a type of white privilege, and that it is white privilege that should be done away with instead of the cultural practices of other groups.

Photo: “Razor Blade”, by scott feldstein

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