Belgium Rescinds Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Brussels, Belgium – April 9, 2051:

Today, the government of Belgium is set to rescind the rights of gay and lesbian people to marry.  This follows a raft of other major changes in law, such as the approval of polygamous marriages of up to four wives per man.  Opinions are sharply divided in the country, and several provinces of Flanders have threatened to secede.

The current change in law is a major turnaround, as Belgium was the second country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.  This happened soon after the turn of the millennium, in 2003, which was two years after gay marriage was legalized in the Netherlands.  These countries likely prompted other nations to follow suit.  Now, all that is changing, and Belgium will become the first European country to outlaw gay marriage after having previously legalized it.

Prime Minister of Belgium, Abdullah Shahid, announced that “Morality will be restored in our time.  Inshallah, we will continue on the right path.”  Prime Minister Shahid has been a major driving force, appealing to his Sunni support base.  While the prime minister has an approval rating nearing 50%, there have been calls for his ouster from those on the opposite side of the political spectrum.  “This is outrageous!  It is a debauchery of justice!”, said one Antwerp man who calls himself a conservative and did not want his name on record.  (The Belgian government has recently jailed many “naysayers”, as Shahid terms them.)  The conservative went on to say that he supported the movement initiated by certain government officials in the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg, and East and West Flanders to secede from Belgium.  This would be a risky proposition, however, as Prime Minister Shahid has said that he will use the military, if necessary, to stop any attempts to secede.

Morality will be restored in our time.  Inshallah, we will continue on the right path.

– Prime Minister Abdullah Shahid

Effective today, all gay marriages in Belgium will be dissolved.  Gay and lesbian couples may continue living with each other, but they will not receive any benefits of marriage.  Some of them have pointed out what they say is unfairness levied at them, especially since a man can get four times as much government assistance if he marries four women.  Some women’s groups have also complained that women should be able to marry four men, but that option does not appear to be on the table.  Other European nations are also considering revoking the right of gay marriage, and if these come to pass, it could be that gay marriage was but a fleeting era of history.

Picture: “Anti-Gay Flag”, by IoannesM

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