Antifa-led US Government Begins Roundup of “Nazis”

Washington, DC – February 21, 2026:

The Antifascist (“Antifa”) Party has successfully passed a law in Congress “restrict[ing] the movement of Nazis and other fascists, and us[ing] their labor for the betterment of all humanity”.  This sets the stage for the rounding up of persons deemed to be part of the “radical right-wing”, and putting them into camps.

The Antifa Party is a breakaway from the now nearly defunct Democratic Party.  It saw a stellar rise during the eight-year administration of Donald Trump, which culminated in an overwhelming win in the 2024 US presidential election.  And in fact, it was only due to the newly-established Antifa Party taking away Democratic Party votes in 2020 that Donald Trump was able to retain the presidency for two terms.

With the presidency as well as majorities in both houses of congress, the Antifa Party has been quick to undo many of the disastrous policies of the Trump administration while also implementing their own slew of legislation.  One of the first was the registering of all “Nazis, fascists, and their sympathizers”.  Social media companies participated in the shutdown of offending accounts, and many of the most prominent offenders who could be identified were “marked” on government lists of fascists.  The most recent law came soon after the “Punch a Nazi” rallies, during which high-level Antifa officials urged supporters to find and violently assault those whom they deemed to have offensive ideas.  The “Fascist Roundup” law takes things to another level, removing alleged fascists from their homes without trial, and retaining them in newly-created “Fascist reeducation camps”, which are supposed to help fascists change their mindset through “volunteerism”.  This “volunteerism” has been criticized as “unpaid, forced labor” from a population imprisoned without trial merely for thought-crimes.  Antifa Party Chair Lindy Sarcour offered a rebuttal, claiming that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks.

Restraining and retraining fascists is beneficial to both them and society.  The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  Work sets them free.  Anyway, why do you care about them?  They are fascists, after all.

– Antifa Party Chair Lindy Sarcour

Another criticism of the program is that so far, those arrested and taken to camps have been overwhelmingly white.  Very few people of color have been taken into custody, and the only people of color who have so far been taken into custody (such as popular YouTubers Amfernee Logan and Derek Seaman) are those labeled “supporters of white privilege and patriarchy” (and “rape apologists”, for good measure).

Yesterday, the group Black Lives Matter, which fights for justice and equality of all people, sent out a press release stating that they will be the group in charge of the “volunteerism” activities of yet-to-be-reformed fascists.  “Fascists will volunteer their work in reeducation camps to manufacture goods that we can then sell, bringing more money to Black Lives Matter, and helping us in our mission to make racism a thing of the past.”

Photo: “Antifa Graffiti”, by Cogiati

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